Friday, December 25, 2009


How can you not be thankful on a day like Christmas? Sure, we all have the things that nag us or bring us down, but to not experience the joy that the season brings is just down right sad. Now for me, I get to celebrate the birth of my Savior, the fact that He came and made Himself flesh and dwelt among us....amazing! I am not a perfect person by any stretch, but I do try to acknowledge my Redeemer every day, not just on Christmas, so Christmas is about enjoying the relationships around me as well.

I got to wake up to a sweet voice telling me that it was "almost" daytime outside. I got to roll over and hug the man I share my life with and then I got to watch a sleepy 2 1/2 year old stroll into the kitchen wondering who was making all the noise. These are the relationships I cherish.

I was not able to be in Indiana for Christmas with my family. Makes me sad a little, but I also know that God has us here in Georgia, and this is now my home. I still got to connect with them thanks to phone, text messaging & facebook though! It's simple and a bit superficial, but its still connecting!

Jason's parents stopped by to see us & the boys. They politely nodded as the boys talked sooo fast about all the nice things they received. They shared coffee and monkey bread with us. It was nice. Then they were off to see Jason's brother's family.

As I get older and now have a family I miss some of the creature comforts of "home." But then I realize that they aren't so comfortable anymore. Yes, its nice to be in Indiana near my mom, my siblings & their families, but it really isn't home anymore. My comforts are here close to me.

My home is right here in Lizella, Georgia! Today we drove by the house Jason grew up in and he pointed it out to the boys. He said, "Daddy grew up right there on Holley Road." Ethan then asked, "Mom, what road do we live on?" I am proud to say our home is on Lakeloch Drive, right here in Lizella Georgia! Home truly is where your heart is!


  1. Clap Clap Jill. Another good blog. Glad you have a good Christmas. We did as well. We finally enjoyed the relaxing of our 'home' on Christmas Eve/Christmas day. It was nice.
    I don't know why my sweet little face has popped up on your site 2 times. If you know what I need to do to remove one of them just let me know.

  2. I think it just means that I am signed in. Hopefully my pic is on your blog only once now.